10 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 in India (2018)

Only a Gamer can understand the importance of a Good gaming mouse when it comes to gaming. The average mouse that we use for our daily office or home use cannot give us that output, which a gaming mouse can. A normal mouse has a completely gripless design with not so good buttons. However, on the other side, if you go for a gaming mouse. It will surely give a seamless gaming performance. Gaming Mouse is designed for gaming. They come with faster response time, higher sensitivity buttons and much more features to match your gaming mode. Also, no wants to keep a normal mouse with their gaming set. In this article, I’m going to tell you about 10 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000, which are available in India.

The 10 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000, which are going to be featured in this post are:

  1. Zebroincs Alien Gaming Mouse.
  2. Logitech G90.
  3. Marvo M316 Scorpion.
  4. RedDragon M601 Gaming mouse.
  5. DragonWar ELE-G9 Mouse.
  6. Zebroincs Steam Gaming Mouse.
  7. Tecknet M268 Raptor.
  8. GAMDIAS Mouse Demeter E1.
  9. TacGears 8003 Wireless Gaming Mouse.
  10. Cosmic Byte Neutron Gaming Mouse.

Now we will check their features, price, and availability one by one. I will also provide links to their respective Amazon/Flipkart Pages from where you can buy these Gaming Mouse easily. So let’s dig more into Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000.

Zebroincs Alien Gaming Mouse

Zebroincs Alien Gaming Mouse

Zebronics Alien Gaming Mouse is a great deal when it comes to Budget Gaming Mouse. It is quite attractive in its body design. Zebronics Alien Gaming Mouse has a metal body structure with a nice rubber grip. It comes with 6 buttons for additional customization. This Budget Gaming Mouse has a smart energy saving feature with high precision and Power. Zebronics claims that this has over 5 million strokes life with a DPI of 2400. If you are looking for a best and a good looking gaming mouse in the budget range, then you should consider buying Zebroincs Alien Gaming Mouse.

Buy from Amazon.

  • Cool Looking Design.
  • Metal Body.
  • 5 Million Strokes Life.
  • High Precision.
  • Additional 6 Customizable Buttons.

Logitech G90

Logitech G90 budget gaming mouse

The Logitech G90 Gaming Mouse is another a great deal to pick under 1000. It gives an amazing gaming experience with its gaming technology. This Mouse has a simple, yet attractive design. It feels good while holding it and its body provides a good grip for a better gaming experience.  Logitech G90 offers a quick response rate of 2 milliseconds. When it comes to durability, this Mouse is very durable and have over 2 Millions KeyStrokes life. This definitely makes it one of the best gaming mouse under 1000.

Buy from Amazon.

  • Ultra-durable.
  • Quick Response Rate.
  • Good Grip.
  • 2 Millions KeyStrokes Life.
  • Best Quality at a low price.

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Marvo M316 Scorpion

Marvo M316 Scorpion gaming mouse

The Marvo M316 Gaming Mouse is one of the most premium looking mouse in this list of Best gaming Mouse under 1000. Marvo M316 is a wired gaming mouse. Its main attraction is 7 colors cyclic lights. Those lights look really cool in breathing mode. This Gaming Mouse comes with DPI from 800 to 2400. It has a Stroke Life of over 3 Million and Cable Length is 1.8 meter. The Best part is that this Gaming Mouse is available at Rs.694 only. It is far cheaper than other Best Budget Gaming Mouse in this list.

Buy from Amazon.

  • Premium Looking Design.
  • RGB Lights.
  • 1.8m long wire.
  • 3 Million Strokes life.
  • Priced at Rs.694 only.

ReDragon M601 Gaming mouse

best gaming mouse under 1000

The Redragon M601 is a good budget range gaming Mouse. It is available in a wide range of color schemes and is quite comfortable to use. The RedDragon M601 is quite Gaming looking Mouse. I mean it looks like its made for gaming. The additional feature of this Gaming mouse includes 8 pieces weight setup and 3 extra buttons. This makes it customizable, appropriate to your gaming style. It has also got a KeyStroke Span of about 3 million. You can easily buy this Gaming Mouse from Amazon or Flipkart.

Buy from Amazon.

  • Customizable Extra Buttons and weights.
  • A wide range of color scheme.
  • Premium and Gaming look.
  • 3 Million Key Stroke Span.

DragonWar ELE-G9 Mouse

dragon war gaming mouse

The DragonWar ELE-G9 Gaming Mouse has all the features that are supposed to be in a perfect mouse for gaming. It comes with a special mousepad that goes with the flow with this mouse. It has a quite grippy design with a premium look. Plus point with this mouse is that it comes with 7 extra customizable buttons, that makes it suitable for professional gaming. This Mouse has inbuilt 512K Memory with can let its functions work for different computers. DragonWar ELE-G9 comes 1.8M long wire and a shining looking connector. This mouse is available at a Price of Rs 999 on most of the online stores.

Buy from Amazon.

  • Comes with special mousepad.
  • Grippy design and premium look.
  • 512K inbuilt memory.
  • 7 extra customizable Buttons.
  • 1.8M long wire, with gold-plated USB Connector.

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Zebroincs Steam Gaming Mouse

zebronics steam gaming mouse

Zebronics is emerging as a good brand for providing the best at the low price. This is Zebroinics’s second mouse in this list of best gaming mouse under 1000. The Steam Gaming Mouse is quite good looking and it feels nice while playing games on it. It gives a nice feel while clicking its buttons. When it comes to durability, this mouse also wins the race here. This is very durable, witch over 5 million Key Strokes life. You can easily get this mouse under Rs 800, on any online store.

Buy from Amazon.

  • Nice and catchy Design.
  • Good quality Buttons.
  • 5 Million KeyStrokes.
  • Very Durable.
  • Available at just Rs 800.

Tecknet M268 Raptor

tecknet best gaming mouse under 1000

The Tecket M268 Gaming comes with 6D optical with the Truwave sensor. The Smooth gliding underside provides ultimate control over the cursor. That can give you an edge while playing any Game over your PC. As compared to its price, this mouse doesn’t look like an under budget gaming mouse. It looks premium, as it feels premium. At the Price of just Rs 850, you getting a great gaming mouse. The scroll wheel of Tecket M268 Raptor Gaming mouse is very smooth and quite responsive as well. You can easily find this Mouse on any leading online store. As per now, it’s been selling at a Price of Rs.799. though the price remains going up-down.

Buy from Amazon.

  • 6D optical with the Truwave sensor.
  • Premium looks.
  • Smooth Scroll wheel.
  • Quite fast response time.
  • Priced only at Rs.799.

GAMDIAS Mouse Demeter E1

gamdias gaming mouse

This a well-known brand when it comes to gaming accessories. Plus, the GAMDIAS Demeter E1 is a wireless gaming mouse. Being wireless, the mouse still gives an amazing response time, to give an immense gaming experience. This mouse looks and feels premium. You can’t get any better Gaming Mouse, which is wireless under this price range. This Gaming Mouse is priced around just Rs. 595. It also comes with 2 years of service warranty. You can easily find this mouse on all leading online store.

Buy from Amazon.

  • Wireless.
  • Premium Looks with amazing response time.
  • Lower price than other Gaming Mice.
  • 2 Years of Warranty.
  • Gaming brand trust.

TacGears 8003 Wireless Gaming Mouse

tacgears gaming mouse under 1000

The TacGears 8003 is again a wireless gaming mouse. Probably that made it in the list of best gaming mouse under 1000.  The TacGears 8003 is a quite good mouse. Though it little bit lags in giving a good gaming experience. However, when we look at its price (which is actually just Rs.649) it kind of looks like a great deal. This mouse can give maximum DPI up to 2000, which is really impressive for this price.

Buy from Amazon.

  • Wireless Gaming mouse.
  • Very low Price, Rs.649 only.
  • DPI up to 2000.
  • Lags a bit in the gaming experience.

Cosmic Byte Neutron Gaming Mouse

cosmic byte gaming mouse

Cosmic Byte is also a good brand name in creating gaming accessories. They make all kinds of budget gaming mouse and keyboard. Cosmic Byte Neutron Gaming Mouse is a really good budget range gaming mouse. This mouse looks cool with all kind of RGB lighting on it. It also comes with a mousepad. It gives a superb gaming experience and also it has given very fast response while gaming. You can easily get this mouse from Amazon or Flipkart.

Buy from Amazon.

  • Cool RGB Lighting.
  • Comes with Mousepad.
  • Superb Gaming Experience.
  • Very fast response time.

Over to You

So this was all we have to add in the list of best gaming mouse under 1000.  All these Gaming Mice are almost equally good. They are under budget range and perform much more than their price. I’ve also provided links to their respective Amazon.in pages, so that you can say get them from there if you wish. All these 10 best gaming Mouse under 1000, supports on both – Desktop and laptop. If you have any suggestion related to this post, then do let me know in the comment section below.

Images credit: Amazon.in


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