10+ Top Mobile Phone Companies in India for 2018

If you are reading this post then you must be looking for Top Mobile Phone Companies in India. India is not the same anymore. In the matter of selling of smartphones, India has emerged as one the top countries. With the increase in demand for Smartphones, many new companies have emerged in this sector. If we look at the past, like 5-6 years back, we had a very little choice. Only big companies like Samsung, Nokia, HTC or Apple were dominating in the selling of phones. But as per now, there has been a lot of change. We have a lot of new brands around here in India. So let’s continue with our post where I will tell you about the best mobile phones brand in India.

Top Mobile Phone Companies in India

I’m arranging these brands in an order of their current popularity in India. You might get to see a few most prominent brands down in this list, this may be related to they degrade performance in recent times. The brands which we are going to look into in this list of Best Mobile Phones Companies in India are:

#1. Xiaomi

xiaomi Top Mobile Phone Companies in India

Xiaomi has really changed the Smartphone market since its arrival. And why not. We all like to have all the specs on our Phone, that’s light on our wallet. Since the launch of the first Redmi series phone, this Chinese brand is really dominating the smartphone market. You can find many of their Phones in the bestsellers lists.

#2. Samsung

samsung Top Mobile Phone Companies in India

Do I need to say something about the Popularity of Samsung? Without a doubt, Samsung is one of the most popular companies in the world. From the beginning of smartphone era, they have always been a top choice.  However, they are in top mobile phone companies in India from the time of bar phones. They provide phones ranging from affordable to little high budget phone, which have best in class specs.

#3. Vivo

vivo Top Mobile Phone Companies in India

The brand Vivo is one of the most commonly advertised stuff in India. You can’t even move a meter without seeing their Banner. They do make affordable range smartphones. But from my view, there is a lot of better choice other than Vivo when it comes to buying phones in India. However, their sales count in India is quite huge in number, that’s why their phones are listed in the bestselling phone in India. They do are one of the best mobile phone companies in India.

#4. Lenovo

lenevo best phone companies in india

Lenovo entered the mobile phone scenario only a few years back, Lenovo has quite inspiringly managed to climb the ladder towards success. Not only in India, but they are also one of the best sellers in the global market in the matter of selling smartphones and gadgets.

#5. Oppo

oppo brand

You can call Oppo as the brother of Vivo. Oppo is also one of the Chinese manufacturers who got their sales quite really well in the Indian market. they do make quite good looking phones. Most of their phones are really in sales due to their ‘so-called’ good quality selfie camera.

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#6. OnePlus

one plus Top Mobile Phone Companies in India

One of the most prominent brands in recent years. Tech seekers actually care about launches of One Plus. One Plus really bout the best in class specs, that was earlier expected in hight budget phones only, to the budget range. Though in recent time it got a tough competition by Xiaomi’s new flagship ‘Poco f1‘.

#7. Apple

apple india

Do you need to be introduced to this brand? Since the time when Steve Jobs introduced the world with first iPhone, this brad never really came down from phone bestsellers list. In India, there is a lot of craze of iPhone. It’s a status symbol for Indian youth. Ignoring the prices of the latest iPhones, this brand has really got its phones to a new innovative level. They will always be one of the best and Top Mobile Phone Companies in India.

#8. Huawei (Honor)

honor Top Mobile Phone Companies in India

When it comes to buying classy phones, this brand always hit in mind. The Chinese brand Huawei is one of the first few mobile phones companies, who bought the trend of Dual Camera to budget range. With their dope looking Honor series phones they became one of the Top Mobile Phone Companies in India.

#9. Asus

asus india

Asus is one of the most trusted brands in the gadgets world. After its arrival in Smartphones making, this brand has a tough competition to other brands. Asus is quite popular in India for making good looking and high-performance smartphones. Also, Indian consumers find ‘Asus’ as a quite trustworthy brand.

#10. HTC

htc Top Mobile Phone Companies in India

HTC is known for its smartphones that are exceedingly style oriented. This brand seems to have mastered the art of offering, one of the best mobile platforms when it comes to the Android OS.  You will find HTC phones with the easiest to use user interface. Maybe that’s is the reason why HTC has emerged as one of the most selling and top mobile phone company in India.

#11. Nokia

nokia Top Mobile Phone Companies in India

Nokia is one of the most popular Mobile Phone company in the history of Mankind. When it comes to durable Phones, you can name any better brand than ‘Nokia’.  Nowadays this company is still into making Android Phones. They are affordable, good looking and full of features. However, the brand name ‘Nokia’ is enough to make someone to buy its Phones.

So these were all the Top Mobile Phone Companies in India. I know I missed a lot of Top Brands like Sony, LG, Motorola and all. I didn’t add them here because I wanted to keep this post short and focused to only ‘Top Selling Mobile Phone Companies in India’. Though, I will keep this post updated in future.


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